The best way to recover deleted emails from PST files

The PST file is a data file which stores your personal information like contacts, tasks, journal, messages, calendar, notes and RSS feeds. The default folder contains options like drafts, Inbox, sent mail, Outbox and junk emails etc. You use a Microsoft Exchange Server e-mail account, then all the information is delivered to your mailbox and stored in the server. If you use an outlook PST file, then your email is located in the server. PST file makes e-mail portable. Outlook 2000 uses an ANSI format and the maximum size of data is 2 gigabytes. But in Outlook 2003 and 2007 it’s changed to Unicode format and approximate size is 20 GB. With Microsoft Outlook 2010, again it’s increased to 50 GB size.

The PST files are corrupted or damaged due to so many reasons. Scanpst.exe tool is used for repairing Inbox mails if the emails have corrupted. It is installed by default and can be used to repair PST files and troubleshooting problems. Scanpst.exe is usually located in the program files in C: drive. Before repairing the file, it makes a backup copy of the PST files. If your scan tool is not working, then how to recover deleted emails in PST file? If due to some reason, the PST file is damaged or access is denied then how to repair corrupted PST files? If you are using Microsoft Exchange server, then it can create archive outlook. Suppose your PST file is damaged, then you can’t open your e-mails and other information like client emails, old archived emails etc. So, how to fix PST files in Windows 7? Now, you can search for repair tool. You don’t have to worry about it because there is available so much software to fix this type of problem. To fix this, you can use Repair Outlook PST tool which offers most efficient features. It is so easy to repair oversized PST of different sizes. Suppose you have opened your PST file and it’s giving error indicating that the file does not exist. At that time the Repair Outlook PST tool helped you.

Scenarios for PST file corruption

  • PST files may corrupt due to file system damage. If there will be no file system, then how can that open?
  • If malware or spyware attacks your system, then there may be possibilities of the PST file corruption.
  • When you’re. PST file has damaged, then after that it may affect your outlook archive.
  • Sometimes files may be damaged on account of user mistake and software errors.
  •  PST files corrupted due to the over size of the archive files.
  • Immediately shutting down of computer without saving the .PST files may cause of corruption.
  • Due to disk failure or some unknown error, .PST files may corrupt.



First download and install the Repair Outlook PST software. After launch the setup, you can go to repair the corrupted PST file by click the button indicating on the screen. Then you can go for the next option i.e normal scan or smart scan. Click on next. Then after some time, it’ll give you the repaired .pst file.