Recover Data After it is Lost or Deleted

Consider an instance, instead of formatting one drive, you have formatted wrong drive by mistake, which contains entire project related files and which results in lose of entire data. And you don’t have the back up of that formatted drive. The project files are very crucial for you to restore or else there will be great loss for your business. Are you still looking for file recovery after formatting the wrong drive? All you have to do is select the correct software and in this article we will introduce you to one such tool named as File Recovery.

Got confused! When the data is lost or deleted from storage device. The data still resides in hard disk memory location only the reference of this memory is deleted from the allocation table and operating system fails to display those data to user. Soon you have to employ the file recovery tool, before it gets too late. If once the memory address in hard disk is overwritten with new data, then data will be permanently lost. It provides efficient way for file recovery after loosing your valuable data due to formatting wrong drive. User should know some scenarios due to which the data will be lost.

Common issues behind data loss or deletion situations

  • The data stored in the PC is crashed because of corruption in system registry files. The system registry plays a vital role for better performance of our PC. Then, the user may face a data lose issues.
  • If computer is infected with viruses and worms, then virus may delete the data from the storage media or corrupt the file system which results into entire lose of data.
  • Suppose user has important data stored in download folder which is located in the desktop and user unaware of it. If the OS getting problem in restarting, then user may think to reinstall the OS which may cause to lose of data.
  • When transferring files from system to external hard drives, during this process if user removed external drive abnormally this lead to data lose situation.
  • There may be some other common reasons for deletion of files like accidentally deleting data, if the data stored in the bad sectors of hard disk, due to power failure, etc.

Exceptional features of File Recovery tool:

File Recovery tool is the most reliable solution for recovering data which is deleted or lost due to above mentioned scenarios. It is powerful tool and is also used by the most of IT industrial techies and they highly recommend for everyone to use it. Depending upon size hard drive it will scan in a quick time and safely retrieves the data. By using file recovery software user can perform data restoration process in an effective manner. It is compatible to recover data from various interfaces of hard drives like IDE, SATA, and SCSI.

It enables to restore lost data from storage devices such as hard drive, USB drive, memory cards, SD cards, pen drives, etc. It is capable of retrieving files with irrespective of hard drives files system like FAT, NTFS, ExtFAT, NTFS5, HFSX, and HFS+. This utility allows file recovery after files are lost on either Windows or Mac PC’s.

Deleted or Lost File Recovery from Flash Drive

Flash Drives are portable data storage devices, which can be used to store different types of files such as images, videos, songs, documents, and so on. Flash drives are available in various brands such as SanDisk, HP, Kingston, Lexar etc. The flash drives are rewritable storage device and are smaller than optical disc. This device is smaller, faster and has more capacity to store data. In spite of numerous features, sometimes files stored in flash drive get deleted or lost due to certain reasons.

However, no need to worry, Recover Flash is one of the best tools available in the market to recover flash drive files which get deleted or lost due to various reasons. This software recovers almost all types of files from flash drive. It is very effective software to perform flash drive recovery with great ease. The software is user friendly so that non technical user is able to recover flash drive.

Scenarios by which files get deleted or lost from Flash Drive

Accidental Deletion: The user want to delete unwanted files but accidentally selects all file and press delete all option which leads to deletion of all files from Flash Drive.

Virus Attack: While sharing data from infected system to flash drive, virus is intruded in the storage device. Due to this all some files may get corrupted and lost from Flash Drive.

Improper File Transfer: If you are transferring file from flash drive to system or vice versa and system shut down due to interruption such as power fluctuation then there is possibility that files from Flash Drive get lost.

Abrupt Ejection: When you transfer file from system to flash drive or vice versa and flash drive is ejected abruptly without proper procedure then there might be a chance that file get corrupted. The files which are transferred before abrupt ejection is successfully copied and other files get lost from flash drive.

Third Party Application: The user is scanning files through antivirus, some of the files are not compatible with this antivirus and get lost from flash drive automatically.

Features of Recover Flash Software

  • Recover Flash software is easy to download and install on different operating system.
  • It is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating system.
  • Less space is required on system in order to install this software.
  • This software is more efficient in recovering over more than 300 types of files such as images, songs, videos, documents. PowerPoint files, PDF files, spreadsheets, etc.
  • It is one of the finest applications to recover files of different brands of flash drive like SanDisk, Kingston, HP, Sony etc.
  • Demo version is available to check the effectiveness of the software. User is able to view the recovered file and save option is not available in demo version.
  • Technical support team provides support to user who finds difficulty in accessing the software. The support team is available for 24X7 services.
  • It is a robust application lost file is recovered through this application keeping original file untouched.

Effective Way of Recovering Deleted Files from MacBook 

“Hi, I have deleted files from my MacBook Notebook while trying to remove unused files from system to make some free space in hard drive. However, I tried checking with Time Machine to recover those deleted files but I couldn’t recover them. Is there any way to recover deleted files MacBook? Please help.”

MacBook is widely used by many people because of its excellent features and user friendliness. Commonly user saves their files such as Word documents, Excel sheets, application files and many other file types on MacBook. At times these files may get deleted from MacBook. And hence, user might lose important data in this way.

Permanently erased file can be recovered if the storage memory on MacBook is not used for further read / write process soon after deleting any files. This is because, deleted files are just made invisible by removing registry pointers of deleted files from file allocation table and marking their memory free. Thus, files still exist in the same memory location until any new data is saved to their location. So after facing data loss you should stop using your MacBook.

Let us talk about some common scenarios that lead files deletion from MacBook:

  • Files may get deleted due to incomplete or incorrect transfer process carried out on MacBook.
  • Incomplete software updating, using unreliable application to scan the drive, can also result to loss of files from MacBook.
  • Accidently deleting any file and thinking that it is not required for further usage. But later, finding the necessity of that erased file.
  • Enabling Auto empty Trash option or emptying Trash folder option after every deletion process on MacBook will remove any files that were saved in Trash folder.
  • While using Disk utility on MacBook user might accidentally click on Erase HD / Erase volume option that delete all files exist in volume on MacBook.
  • By utilizing Terminal on MacBook to remove folders by using ‘rm’ command might delete important files.

In your MacBook, if Time Machine is enabled then there is a chance to recover deleted files easily. Many users are not aware about Time Machine and it’s capability to recover deleted files MacBook in most of the aspects. But if you are unable to recover the deleted files then you can utilize MacBook Delete File Recovery software. It is one of the advanced utility that has the capability to recover deleted files MacBook without any difficulty. By using this program you can recover lost, deleted, missing files, folders, archives, etc. from different Mac machines such as MacBook Pro, iMac, MacBook Air, Mac Mini and Mac Pro that operate with various Mac OS X versions including Snow Leopard , Leopard and Lion.

MacBook Delete File Recovery application is built with advanced scanning algorithm that helps to perform deep scanning of hard drive in order to recover deleted files from MacBook. By using this program you can perform recovery of files from different storage devices such as hard drive, external hard drive, USB drive, etc. With the help of this application you can retrieve deleted files from MacBook hard drive of types SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc. manufactured by Maxtor, Hitachi, Seagate, Buffalo, Kingston, Transcend, etc. This program support recovery of deleted files from on Mac system that supports different file system such as HFS X, HFS +, FAT 32 and FAT 16 file systems without any difficulty.

How to Repair Corrupted Video Files?

“Few days before, there was a function in my family. I recorded few wonderful video clips which were about 20 to 30 minutes. I copied those video clips to my laptop; however, when I tried to play the video file. The video player displayed that the video file is corrupted after which the player stopped responding and I was forced to terminate the application. I used my cell phone to record those wonderful videos, can it be repaired?”

You probably wondered why such corruption or errors occur to video file? Well, there are several reasons behind the damage or corruption of video files. Let’s see those reasons in detail:

  • Corruption of Video file due to virus attack.
  • Recording the video when the storage media i.e., camera/phone memory card is full.
  • Camcorder or device error while recording videos.
  • Interruption while moving video files from one storage drive/device to another.
  • Header file corruptions due to unknown errors.
  • CRC errors or interruption during video file download.
  • Bad sectors on the storage drive containing video files.
  • Changing the file format of video file from one to another format could also result in damage of videos.
  • Video file can also get corrupted due to faulty video player.
  • Abrupt system shutdown during the video file is in use is also responsible for file corruption.

When you come across above circumstances, you might be thinking that your videos are corrupted permanently. But the fact is, they still can be repaired!!! Yes, I’m telling the truth. We recommend you to use Video Repair Software as it is 100% safe and performs secure video repair operation on Windows and Mac OS based machines. There are several programs that can fix corrupt video file, but when you use them they may lead to other problems, like non-synced audio and video, etc. So, to easily and securely fix corrupted video file, you can utilize Video Repair Software as is it the best and have unique features to do so.

Striking features of Video Repair Software:

  • It has simple GUI that helps all users to repair a corrupted video file that is stored on different storage devices.
  • This fabulous utility has ability to repair audio and video data separately and later joins them to make sure that there will not be any issues with the repaired video file.
  • You can download this software for FREE and analyze its complete performance with ease.
  • It is a powerful and malware-free tool that guides you how to repair corrupt video file very effectively.
  • This corrupt video file fixer can repair corrupted / damaged video files after recovery error too.
  • It can repair Canon camcorders MOV video files and also the MOV files created on digital camcorders like Casio, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Contour, Fujifilm, Samsung, GoPro, etc.
  • This software can also be used to find an easy way to fix QuickTime movie files on different Windows and Mac systems.

Restoring Deleted Partition on Windows 7

“So I accidentally ended up deleting a partition from my hard disk. I run a Windows 7 OS so is it possible to recover deleted partition data on my Windows 7 hard drive or is my entire data wiped off my drive? There are hundreds of my official documents that I need to recover.”

Of course, one can easily restore deleted partition on Windows 7 OS. All that the user requires is a deleted partition recovery software which needs to be run on his hard drive. This software will then recover all the partitions that were deleted from it.

Here is video which shows you how to restore deleted partition on Windows 7 OS.

The deleted partition recovery tool used in this video is just the application that you need if you have deleted partition on your hard drive. Hard drives can be of large size and one needs to make sure that all the data on his hard drive is safe. A good approach is to create a backup for all the data that is present on your hard drive.

Hard drives are usually partitioned to distribute the data accordingly by the user. There can be any number of partitions on a hard drive and a partition can house any amounts of data in it. This data remains in the partition as long as it is not deleted or the partition is not formatted. Your data can however go missing from the partition due to various reasons. One of the most common ways of losing data from it is by deleting the partition itself. This will result in all the data from it disappear.

By having a backup for your hard drive, you can simply restore deleted partition back again however with no backup there is generally nothing that you can do to get data back from deleted partition apart from recovering the partition from the hard disk using a deleted partition recovery software.

Whenever a partition is deleted from a hard drive, it still remains in the hard disks memory until it is overwritten by new data. So before your partition gets overwritten in the hard drive memory, you need to employ a deleted partition recovery software and get all the data off the drive. Before you employ a software to get data back from deleted partition, you need to make sure that you don’t write any new data to your hard disk. This ensures that all your data remains intact in the hard drive when you run the deleted partition recover software. With all your data still intact, you can be assured of a successful and a full recovery of your deleted partition from your hard drive.

Additional Features of this Deleted Partition Recovery Software:

  • This software can restore deleted partition from hard drives of all storage sizes.
  • It comes with a simple interface that lets you choose and recover partitions with less navigation and mouse clicks.
  • It then lets you save the recovered data to any folder of your choice other than to the same drive from which it was just recovered from, to avoid data overwrite.
  • Files of all sizes and formats can be recovered from your deleted partition.
  • You can run this software on Windows as well as on Mac OS to get data back from deleted partition.

The Best Deleted File Recovery Software

XD card is a one type of flash memory storage device, mostly developed and manufactured by Fujifilm and Olympus companies. XD cards are widely used in super-mini digital cameras to store captured pictures and recorded videos. When compared with other memory cards, XD card has more compact size and high transmission speed. XD cards are small, portable, and available in various capacities i.e., from 16 MB to 8 GB. XD cards are available in four types which include standard type, type M, type H, type M+. Each XD card type has its own features.

But beside these features, there also a disadvantage that files stored on this card might get deleted due to numerous reasons. The common reasons behind it is, interrupted file transfer that is, while transferring data from memory card to any system, if user abruptly eject the card, then the files which were under process may get delete from the card. However, in such or similar data deletion conditions, you may make use of an highly ranked and most recommended utility called XD Card Recovery software to easily recover deleted files from XD card. This specially built program also helps you in recovering deleted files from other types of memory cards like CF, SDHC, SDXC, etc.

Here are some common reasons how files get deleted on XD cards:

Accidental deletion: Many a times, you may accidentally delete some essential files while deleting unwanted data from your storage media and put yourself in trouble.

Ant-virus scan: If your XD card gets affected by virus, then you may scan it using an updated anti-virus app. But during the scanning process, there exist a chance for your files to get deleted from the card.

Interruption while transferring: XD cards are often used for data transmission between digital camera and computer. If you suddenly eject the XD card while transferring files, then possible files gets deleted from it.

Other Reasons: Files may get deleted from your XD card due to other reasons like intentional or unintentional format, using unreliable third party tools, wrong compression technique and so on.

If these are the causes behind file deletion from your XD card, then don’t be tensed! Because, with the help of XD Card Recovery software, you will easily get to know how to recover deleted files from XD and other type of memory cards.

Salient feature of XD Card Recovery software:

  • This is efficient software which is specially designed to restore deleted files from XD card,
  • It scans the entire XD card very quickly and stars recovering deleted files in hassle free manner.
  • This software is safe and free from viruses/malware.
  • Taking the assistance of this program, you can retrieve deleted files of different types like pictures, Word files, Spreadsheets, videos, music files, etc.
  • ‘Save Recovery Session’ option allows you to resume the recovery process in order to avoid re-scanning of the drive/card.
  • Other than deleted file recovery from XD card, you can even restore deleted or lost data from USB drive, iPod’s, etc. using this promising utility.
  • It allows you to preview recovered files prior to save.

Deleted Folders and Files Recovery

Nowadays data loss in PC, Laptop and some other storage devices is the biggest issue around the world. People are suffering a lot by the loss of files and folders, they might lose their important Word documents, Power point presentation, Excel spread sheets, image, audio, video files etc. And people think that they cannot get back their deleted files. But the fact is that you can recover deleted folder and files with some techniques.

Your files can be lost due to many reasons such as accidental deletion using “Delete” command or “Shift + Delete”, virus attacks etc. Losing several important files will make you upset and unhappy thus if you don’t have any backup of these lost files, you might have to face these horrible situations. In case, if you come across these kinds of situations then here is a perfect tool named Folders and File Recovery which can make you happy and overcome any data loss situation. Deleted file recovery is made easy with the help of this outstanding recovery tool. Using this tool you can get back your deleted or lost Word documents, Power point presentations, Excel spreadsheets and various types of files stored in the hard drives, memory cards, flash drives and several storage devices.

Data Loss Scenarios:

• Emptying Recycle Bin: User might make use of “Delete” option or “Empty Recycle Bin” option without checking while deleting unwanted files, as a result will lose important files from system.
• Accidental Deletion: Some users use “DEL” command in DOS command prompt to delete files this also will make your important files and folders deleted. However using this software you can easily restore data lost due to above mentioned type of scenario.
• Unrecognized third party tools: Using unauthorized third party application also leads to the loss of your important files and folders as some unreliable tools may not be safe in most cases.
• Virus Intrusion: Another one major scenario is, when virus attacks your computer this will corrupt the files stored in it, thereby making it inaccessible resulting in severe data loss.
• Interruption during file transfer: Sometimes, you may be transferring files from external storage devices to your system. Any sort of interruption such as power surge, sudden system shutdown, and abrupt removal of external storage device will cause loss of files and folders.
• Formatting: You may format the system hard drive in order to increase system performance if you do that without taking backup, you may lose your precious files.

Features of Folders and File Recovery Tool:

This awesome recovery tool is designed by highly experienced professional experts. By this application you can scan the whole storage device in couple of minutes and allows you to recover deleted folder and files. You can recover files deleted using “delete” option or “shift + delete” option and other some reasons with few simple steps. This software enables you with two view option such as file type and data type view. With the help of this effective application you can sort the recovered folders and file based on name, size, date and file type.

This software is capable of recovering files from storage devices such as hard drives (SATA/SCSI/IDE etc.), memory cards (SD, XD, MMC, Memory Stick etc.), USB flash drives, FireWire drives, etc. Using this tool you can recover deleted folder and files from file system such as NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT, FAT16, FAT32, HFSX and HFS+ partitions. This utility offers you “Save Recovery Session” feature by which you can resume your recovery process and you don’t have to rescan your drive again and again. This tool can compress your recovered files in order to save disk space. It is well-suited with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2003 & 2007 servers. This offers you safe and secure recovery as it is free from virus attack. This application facilitates you with 24×7 customer support.

Get Deleted & Lost Photos, Music, Videos Back from Micro SD Card

Generally there are number of storage device such as HDD, SSD, Micro SD card, xD card, USB external drive, memory stick, FireWire drives, iPod etc. Micro SD card is commonly used on several multimedia devices (like digital camera, smartphone, tablet mobile, iPod etc.) to store music files, video clips, photos, and documents. It is available in several brands (Samsung, Lexar, HP, Kingston, Transcend, PNY, SanDisk and many more.) and up to 2 GB of storage capacity using FAT 16 and FAT 32 file system.

Have you ever lost memorable photos from Micro SD card? And want it back? If yes, then you can use Lexar Micro SD card recovery tool named as Lexar Image Rescue. It is the most recommended utility since it efficiently recovers files from Micro SD card of  popular brands like Lexar, Samsung, PNY, SanDisk etc. The best tool to perform Lexar Micro SD card recovery on any type of data such as audio files, video clips, and images.

Some causes regarding loss of data from Micro SD card

  • Accidentally formatted card: When you want to format pen drive or any other storage, but mistakenly you have formatted Micro SD card. Then all data (like audio, video, music, document etc.) will be lost that resides in the formatted card.
  • Virus attack: If antivirus program is not installed on your computer, it may get infected by viruses, worms, malware etc. And when Micro SD card is connected to such virus affected computer it may affect the SD card data, and you will find that all data are missing from SD card.
  • Interrupted while data transferring: Since Micro SD card having a low storage capacity, and rarely used in mobile phones, digital camera. It is always needed to free some space to store new data. So maybe you want to keep important data to computer storage, but while moving data to computer it gets interrupted due to power failure or any other error then you may lose data permanently from source and destination as well.
  • Abruptly ejected card: Suppose Micro SD card is connected to the computer and you are playing videos from it, but suddenly, by mistake you have removed the SD card. In such situation, your videos may get corrupted and further it can’t be played on any media player.
  • Accidental deletion: When deleting multiple unwanted data simultaneously from Micro SD card, wrong selection will lead to loss of data. Which will be erased permanently from SD card, since it doesn’t contain any backup folder like Windows Recycle Bin.
  • Multiple uses of SD card: If the same SD card is used alternately on different devices then SD card may get corrupted or inaccessible, due to which you will be unable to reach SD card data.

Features of Lexar Image Rescue: It scans the entire Micro SD card memory to recover lost music or videos within few minutes. Ability to perform Lexar Micro SD card recovery of photos without changing the original format. Capable to recover files of Generic, as well as RAW file format, such as JPEG, PNG, BMP, MP3, MP4, AMR, AVI, MOV, SR2, CRW, CR2, KDC etc. Using this tool, the recovered files can be sorted on the basis of name, size, date and the extension of the file. It supports recovery of data from FAT 16, FAT 32 file system. Demo version of this tool provides an option to view the recovered file before storing on any storage device.

Steps for Migrating Microsoft Outlook tasks

Microsoft Outlook is widely used across globe for communication purpose. MS Outlook permits users to add and develop an e-mail account, build work schedule tasks, to store contacts, etc.  You can also set the remainder pertaining to any tasks or even conference. MS Outlook permits users to add and develop an e-mail account, build work schedule tasks, to store contacts, etc.  You can also set the remainder pertaining to any tasks or even conference. Task is an important attribute of Microsoft Outlook. A recurring task can repeat at regular intervals, or it can repeat based on the date that you mark on the task. For an example, using the task option you can create a task to send your status report to your manager. Sometimes when you desire to buy a new pc or in case if your hard disk got crashed and you want to replace with a new one, at that time if you manually copied the tasks from the backup you have created , in order to transfer the Outlook tasks to the new location . Then there are chances that those tasks may become inaccessible due to interruption during transfer operation or might get corrupt because of virus infection.


If you come across this type of situation, it does not mean that you can’t migrate your Outlook task from your new drive, you can make utilize of our expert’s recommended utility named as Migrate Outlook Software. This tool can efficiently Migrate tasks in Outlook   in simple steps.

When Migration of Outlook tasks becomes vital:

  • When to update outlook to newer version at the time you will not be able to access data on Outlook until you add all those attributes such as , your contacts, mails, tasks, appointments etc. to the new upgraded one. In that case to update the attributes and details of tasks you can make use of Migrate Outlook Software and get access to your new Outlook easily.
  • When you purchased a new pc in order to avail your entire Outlook attributes like contacts, mails, tasks etc. rather than choosing manual copy and paste option, you can choose migrate option for easy exporting of your essential files in less time.

If you come across this type of above discussed situation you can make use of Migrate Outlook utility , which can able to migrate task from Outlook in less time.

Features of Migrate Outlook Software:

  • Migrate Outlook tool is a wonderful application designed and developed by professional experts that help user to move their essential Outlook files from one location to another in few clicks of mouse .
  • By using this software you can be able to migrate tasks on all versions of Windows OS including Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.
  • Moreover, this utility is compatible to migrate files in all versions of Outlook such as Outlook 2000, 2007, and 2010.
  • This program has customized built-in scheduler that helps users to keep backup of their data present in the Outlook as per the scheduled time.
  • This application is free from viruses or other malware programs; hence you can easily depend on this software to move your important Outlook data from one region to another

Know How to Restore Recently Erased Pictures from Canon Camera

A few days ago I captured my friend’s birthday event with the help of my new Canon digital camera. But after returning from the party I got busy with my office work after a long working days I managed to have some free time on weekend. I connected memory card to my laptop to view of the birthday images, videos.

While I was transferring precious pictures and other files to the make free space on memory card after completion of sharing process I deleted all files on memory card but after a while I cannot able to view the photos  due to some reasons I lost some essential images.

Canon Inc is the leading manufacturer of digital cameras which is used to capture images and record videos in different events such as birthday party, farewell event, marriage anniversary, and other memorable events. Apart from cameras Canon Inc designed and manufactured other products like printers, camcorders, steppers, photocopiers and medical equipment.

There are few reasons behind deletion of photos from Canon camera are:

  • While viewing images on Canon camera accidentally deleted media files by selecting “Delete All” or “Format” option on Canon camera. As a result you may loss important photos from camera.
  • While moving or sharing photos and others files from memory to computer or laptop if you plugged out memory card without using “Safe Remove Hardware” method.
  • Connecting the Canon camera to the system which is infected by malware, spyware, viruses. This threats also makes your Canon camera get infected.
  • Mishandling of the Canon camera, frequent connecting and disconnecting camera on various devices, presence of bad sectors, etc. This also leads to erase of pictures from Canon camera.
  • Memory card of Canon camera is connected to the laptop to access photos, some image files might be deleted due to Third Party software. When you scan the memory card with antivirus, this utility will automatically remove virus infected pictures without any notifications.

To get rid of the above mentioned reasons use Nikon Canon Photo Recovery application which helps to get back all your valuable pictures and other files that are deleted from Canon camera.

Why Nikon Canon Photo Recovery:

Nikon Canon Photo Recovery is one of the genuine and excellent recovery software which assist to restore your all deleted or erased pictures and videos from Canon digital camera. It recovers the entire images without damaging of source files it just restores the photos and other files as it is from the Canon camera. This utility retrieves missing images various other memory cards such as XD cards, MMC cards, SD, CF cards, SDHC cards, XD cards, etc. You can perform recently erased photo recovery from canon digital camera and various other brands such as Nikon, Fuji film, Sony, Samsung, Kodak and many other leading brands. This application helps to preview the entire restored videos files and images before restoring them into other external data storage media.

It provides to recovers all your essential photos and other files from different file systems like HFS, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, ExtFAT, NTFS5, HFS+ etc. It is compatible on all latest versions of both Windows and Mac operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Yosemite, Leopard, Mavericks, Snow Leopard, Lion, and Mountain Lion. This application assists to rescue various file formats such as BMP, MP3, MP4, JPG, GIF, MOV, PNG, DOC, DOCX, XLS, AVI, PDF, ZIP, RAR, and many others. Nikon Canon Photo Recovery software is designed with user friendly interface where non-technical users can easy recover recently deleted photos from canon camera with simple recovery steps.  Apart from Canon digital camera you can even rescue media files from smartphones, hard drives, camcorders, external hard drives, iPod, USB drives, flash drives and other data storage devices.